All That and Indicted, Too?

If we ignore him, really and truly carry on as if he doesn’t exist, maybe he will just… disappear. No more press coverage, no more references and acknowledgments, no more mention of his name in any conversations. Shh…!

That’s hilarious. He’s our very own indomitable loudmouth authoritarian who wants to be President again, who still does a masterful impression of someone who can’t speak well, who still has his screeds, aka speeches, written by Stephen Miller or someone with an equally dark and twisted mind. When you witness a Trump speech, please keep in mind that it’s not him you’re hearing. He’s just reading copy, and sometimes not very well. He doesn’t know what he believes, other than he’s always misunderstood and always the victim.

He wants to avoid prosecution and be in power and have people worship him. He wants to eat his cake. He’s not a leader, he doesn’t love America, he doesn’t care about anyone, yet he still has a sizeable, loyal following who’s willing to do his dirty work (does he?). He’s a child, a criminal scumbag, a vindictive vessel of hate, in everyone’s face, acting and speaking with impunity, as if he can’t be touched or scratched or dented.

I’m not sure we can talk about pride going before a fall with Trump. It’s not so much pride as it is a debilitating fear of losing. For the good of the country, he needs to go away. But he won’t. There’s no chance of that happening. Have we ever seen a candidate for high office who’s so needy, so hateful and selfish and unqualified?

A truly pathetic human who wouldn’t survive outside the limelight. Attention is his oxygen.

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