Big and Squeaky Wheels

The proposed national security budget from the POTUS, just by itself, is more than a trillion dollars. Is it really his budget, though? How much does he really have to do with it, or is it his because he’s the one who happens to be in office? Does he join the discussion, sit at the table and crunch the numbers? How qualified is he to be figuring out this stuff, really?

And more significantly, is it not tragic that military and related spending is over a trillion dollars? What are we getting ready for? Does money grow on trees? What other programs will go unfunded or suffer from underfunding because the military always seems to need priority?

It’s a sad state of affairs, but a commentary on where we’re at as a human race– apparently incapable of trusting, alway wary, always looking for the next big deterrent, having no issues with depleting precious resources in the name of self-defense.

Making life better for people? Not so much.That’s for wusses and pie-in-the-sky dreamers. The MIC still rules. Ike was a prophet.

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