Scratching the Surface of Crazy

Let’s see… Murdaugh convicted of murder, East Palestine residents are unhappy and getting sick, Norfolk Southern is just another big company trying to slide by and hold onto their billion$, the weather is bonkers pretty much all over, George Santos, or whoever he is, is “embattled,” people are trying to figure out what to do with MTG (just stand back and watch her implode), false reports of active shooters in high schools all over the country, no one knows for sure where Covid came from, Ted Cruz is bad-mouthing Dr. Fauci again, panelists at CPAC joke about killing journalists, and—frosting on the cake—two guys in Nebraska have killed a bald eagle and want to eat it.

And buried on page 23 of your local paper is a blurb about last term’s honor roll students, along with a spaghetti supper coming up at the local Lutheran church.

There you have it. Friday morning, March 3, 2023. The way it is.

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