A Descent into Madness. Again!

Time to throw caution to the wind, time to live it up a bit, like there’s no tomorrow. Which there might not be at some point soon, given reports that China may start supplying arms to Russia.

Of course they will. Communist regimes need to lock arms over the wretched excess of free markets and the evils of democracy. In their mind, it’s time for a re-arranging of the world order, and they must, despite their differences, somehow support each other, restraint be damned. Their own people be damned. Peace be damned.

Is there really that much of an appetite to keep doing this, keep behaving this way? Escalation never ends well, especially in these circumstances, this time around. Heavyweights getting to try out their latest lethal toys. Are they feeling like kids on Christmas morning, aching to unwrap their arsenals? Or is there any hesitancy, any thought of showing restraint, any concern over what might be coming?

A small group of politicians with nationalistic visions and voracious appetities, making decisions for the masses, basically ignoring them, treating them as pawns. Such evil weakness. It’s a recipe for disaster, and it’s unforgiveable.

Have they lost control of their own militaries? Is this what’s going on here– the familiar, tired script where testosterone-fueled men are simply aching for a fight? They have to know that it ends well for nobody.

Cooperation and coexistence are for wimps, apparently. Just too hard. Shame on the ones in charge for giving up so easily.

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