Back to Basics

Too many of us are wandering, eking out an existence, unnoticed or simply ignored, unloved, sick, hungry, cold, without hope. Things are unraveling for so many, in part because so many others spend most of their time and energy looking out for themselves and their dogs and cats.

All the beautiful people will live in their bubbles and fortresses and subdivisions, pointing fingers, trying to avoid pain until even they can’t anymore, and then we’ll all be in the same boat. Basic survival instincts will be on full display.

It’s becoming easier to envision a colossal, large scale exercise in Darwinism, precipitated by some nefarious gang of hackers who will destroy power grids and other critical infrastructure, plunging the world into darkness and cold and unending chaos, where we’ll all be scrambling for our next meal, and a warm place to lay our heads.

Yikes. Is this really our future?

According to a recent Popular Mechanics article, it very well could be. And not all that far into that future! Which is either an irresponsible pants-on-fire, sensationalized sky-is-falling piece of journalism, or a wake-up call to all of us.

Either way, maybe it’s time we rethink the way we live our lives. Move from the endlessly self-indulgent molding and shaping of “our best selves” to a more selfless world view, where we care at least as much about healing the hurt in a communal way. We need to reimagine, reevaluate our motives and choices, and the way we interact and think about each other. For the sake of a collective good.

Sounds laughably difficult, pollyanna-ish. And, for some tragic reason, un-American. Like turning the Allure of the Seas around, times a billion.

Maybe we can at least pay attention to upping our cyber security game, plugging the holes in our internet. Heaven forbid we should have to go without the Tik-Tok.

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