Mixed Bag

Amidst the usual avalanche of sad and disturbing news is at least a bit of a bright spot—all the rain in California is actually mitigating drought conditions there. It’ll take a lot more rain to really make a dent, I guess, but these latest inundations are having an effect. The more astounding turnaround would be if Lakes Powell and Mead begin to refill.

As for the sad and disturbing—it seems Joe Biden was aware he was holding onto classified documents.

Great. We’re never going to hear the end of it now. False equivalencies will be flying off the shelves and out of the mouths of Fox News pundits and Republicans everywhere. Coverage of this will be breathless and non-stop even as it already feels like old news. Is there anyone else in violation of the Espionage Act– you, your neighbor down the street?

It hasn’t taken long for this new year to feel familiarly ominous.

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