Ugly Whiteness

Sorry to harp on this, but what do people think the next two years are going to look like on the political landscape? With a waffling, entitled weakling wielding the gavel, and Republicans in somewhat tenuous control of the House, how are people placing their bets with regard to what gets done? Or should I say with regard to what is lost.

What goes away, what gets axed or weakened or compromised? Are Republicans actually going to show a willingness to work with Democrats on meaningful legislation, or will it be all about taking things away, a cold-hearted, frightening crusade to undo what many consider progress, with the passage of the infrastructure bill and other items?

Will Republicans prove they are simply hell-bent on revenge, pouring energy and time into vendettas and fruitless investigations of “wrongdoing” by Hunter Biden and President Biden and the January 6 Committee?

What the hell is their agenda, anyway? What do they stand for? Because at first glance and on closer inspection, it seems all they want is the power. They are intoxicated and blinded by it, many sounding like they want to disown Trump yet still behaving like him, and in the end having no vision, no sense of purpose beyond wanting to possess mere bragging rights.

When I think of the Republican Party, all I can muster is a heavy sigh and strong feelings of revulsion, of “not this again.” They have nothing to offer us, America. Not a thing, at least in this current iteration of the Party. It’ll be all nonsense and grievance and tragedy all the time.

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