New Year’s Revolutions

In the last few days, we’ve lost Pele, Barbara Walters, and Pope Benedict. It’s somehow interesting to see who emerges as being important enough to be remembered in a really public way, who leaves his or her mark, people whose deaths are noted and make the In Memoriam year-end review, or whatever that’s called.

Went to bed after falling asleep on the couch. It was 11:45pm, only another 15 minutes until ball drop, and I didn’t even consider staying up for it. That’s my attitude in a nutshell. And the fact that it’s now a new year doesn’t change a thing.

How long will it be before we read of Europe being engulfed in chaos, sides becoming clearer, an axis of evil comprised of Russia, China, maybe Belarus, whoever else? For various reasons, the world will once again be at war, humanity still incapable of rising above its worst proclivities, having learned nothing in the 80 years since the last time we were all together in a maelstrom.

And the most maddening thing is that it’s a mere handful of people precipitating the fall. How could we let them do that?

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