Through the Woods and Over the Guard Rail

I watch my share of YouTube videos, and I came across one the other day that had a collection of traffic cam footage of accidents that happened during Elliot—the recent blizzard and bomb cyclone that crossed the country.

My conclusion after watching this mix of fender benders and life-threatening high-speed impacts is that people are or can indeed be clueless, careless idiots. An uneducated guess would place the lion’s share of blame on either younger drivers who feel bulletproof, or others who place way too much confidence in their 4-wheel drive capabilities and are operating like it’s a clear summer day.

There is no adjusting for conditions, no consideration for anyone else unlucky enough to be sharing the road. It’s either “hold my beer” or a mystifying lack of awareness that wind and blowing snow and black ice warrant a significant change in driving habits. I guess what amazes me is that, Christmas or not, there were so many people who still felt compelled to be on the road when they knew what awaited them there.

But that’s what we do, I guess. We’re not gonna let a silly blizzard keep us from a beer run or getting to Grandma’s house.

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