It figures. I make light of the over-the-top media attention and coverage of the latest winter storm, and it turns out to be a real monster with heavy, blowing snow, a serious plunge in temps, over a million without power, multiple fatalities, scores of accidents and just an all-around mess.

I wasn’t making light of the storm or the consequences—I was reacting to what the Weather Channel and the rest do every time there’s a whiff of bad weather. They run around with their hair on fire and turn it into a media event in hopes of sustaining and bolstering viewership.

On another note, the zero tolerance Covid policy in China may have been unpopular, but now it looks like an easing of restrictions is leading to a huge uptick in cases—estimates approaching 250 million, 18% of the population. The thinking is that since people were isolating, there was no natural immunity being built up, and now people are vulnerable.

What about vaccines? I know they have their own and apparently they’re not as effective as Pfizer and Moderna. So, why don’t they buy doses of these for their people? Too proud? Not a good look politically? Still a supply issue?

And… Alex Ovechkin took over the second spot all time in goals scored, behind only Wayne Gretsky. Ovi is an iron man.

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