The Most Serious of Jokes

NFTs. Non-fungible tokens. Virtual reality at its finest, or silliest, or most appropriately deceptive. Reality isn’t good enough, so really smart people create something that seems like reality but really isn’t. They’ll claim it’s really much more than that, that monetary value can really be attached to it, but it looks like many really beg to differ with that claim.

Except Donald Trump. He’s late to the party with his series of… superhero NFTs? The deep end can always get deeper for Donald. Just when you think there’s no depth left to which to sink, he proves us wrong. Again.

Ninety-nine bucks for one superhero “card.” And the buyer doesn’t even get to pick the one they want. It’s getting difficult to conceive of the desperation here. And the mindset– why the hell he’s doing such a sad and pathetic thing in the first place.

He was President of the United States. Many people voted for him.

He was President of the United States!

How can there be anyone who doesn’t think it wise to make sure such a statement remains forever spoken in the past tense?

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