A Place for Polished

Went out to eat last night, to a local Italian place with BYOB. Good company and conversation, a bottle of red and a tasty meal, then on to a Christmas concert provided by one of the local singing groups who had not offered this since before Covid.

It was mostly an older crowd in attendance, and a pretty straightforward offering of familiar and less familiar numbers, but well done. It is a pleasant thing to sit and listen to a group of singers who can actually sing, who have decent voices, capable direction and accompaniment, and who put in the practice time.

This wasn’t a local church choir, which often takes what it gets in the way of talent. Whose members, or at least enough of them, equate quality with enthusiasm and auditory volume. You know—the anthem that becomes a shouting contest, with folks who think they can sing—and really enjoy singing—just trying to sing loud and high and way out of their range. They get an A for effort, but it’s hard on the ears and hardly conducive to enriching one’s listening or worship experience.

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