Another Nightmare Avoided, Hopefully

If the numbers hold, Kari Lake has lost her bid for Governor of Arizona. This is great news, especially since Lake is just another denier and a creepy smooth talker out of whose mouth comes pretty much nothing but snark and venom. We really don’t need more snark and venom.

Sounds like Trump might be eyeing her for a running mate. She doesn’t seem like she’d be a good running mate, a good fit. Imagine the two of them as the Republican ticket in 2024? Yeah, neither can I, and so can’t an increasing number of Republicans who have had enough of this wearied refrain about stolen elections and whatever other bile they keep spewing.

How have we put up with such inane, useless though inflammatory rhetoric for so long? It’s counterproductive, to say the very least. It doesn’t lead anywhere.

The Governor’s race may end up going to a recount, which is both predictable and infuriating, but hopefully the results of that will not change the current standings.

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