It Is Possible to Hate Someone

If Kevin McCarthy (heavy sigh) becomes Speaker of the House (heavier sigh), or regardless of whoever becomes Speaker, will we have to suffer through vengeful inquiries into members of the January 6th Committee? Will there be an impeachment process for President Biden—for withdrawing from Afghanistan?!? For legally assuming office?

Why? Is it as simple as turnabout is fair play? Tit for tat?

So, Republicans are incensed by the work of the January 6th Committee, then, to the point that if (and it looks like when) they take control of the House, they’re just gonna turn the tables and waste time like they think the Dems have been doing? How is it possible that we’re talking about comparable things here? Let’s see… inciting an insurrection, or bringing an end to involvement in an unwinnable, costly war?

We should all be exhausted by and mad as hornets about how much time has been diverted tending to matters that, as important as they are, are distractions from what one would think might be even more important business. It’s damned frustrating to watch this unfold, day after day, year after year—the people we elect having to waste time prosecuting the deeds of a real estate miscreant who somehow made it all the way to the Oval Office, while the country wallows in neglect and loses faith in itself.

Somehow this all comes back to Trump, the imbecilic craver of attention who cannot, is not capable of, ever doing the right thing. He’s gearing up for the Revenge Tour, perfectly okay with working out his anger issues on a public stage, and dragging America along with him.

We would not survive this round of insanity, if it were to unfold.

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