Twisted Gamesmanship, Flaky Math

Caught a couple minutes of All In recently, and that was enough for me. I don’t need any more reminders of how effective the Republicans have been (at least as this is being reported on MSNBC and elsewhere) at being devious and conniving, specifically in gerrymandering their districts.

Republicans know their stances and platforms don’t resonate with certain demographics, so they boldly rearrange boundaries in an effort to ensure outcomes and, ironically, keep their own minority in power. It must be widespread enough that no one can do anything about it? Is it actually happening as much as we hear it is? I suppose nothing is being done because Democrats over the years have engaged in similar antics?

It’s stunning how focused and intent humans can get when it comes to devising ways to cheat. Some will hail this as simply being resourceful. But of course that’s not what it is. It is an act of desperation and fear. It’s the dark side of proactivity. It’s rigging the system in order to create an advantage and maintain a status quo. It’s muting the voting process for people who have as much of a right to participate and be heard as anyone else, and whose voices will be marginalized and essentially silenced.

And it’s been going on for years. As American as apple pie, apparently.

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