Word has it that Merrick Garland will indict Trump. It’s only a matter of when. I’ll have to see this to believe it.

One has to figure that Trump will treat an indictment the way he’s treated many other significant things in his life—it won’t matter, it won’t apply to him, since it won’t benefit him. There will be some sort of in-your-face response, most likely involving denial or delay and cries of “witch hunt.”

Garland, as a key figure in the government response to January 6, really has no choice here. To not prosecute would announce that the U.S justice system is toothless. No doubt, precedent would be established—a former sitting POTUS indicted? That’s big.

But holy shit… Trump has had this coming his entire life. He’s a playground bully who’s made it his shtick to run rough shod over propriety and the rule of law. He’s needed to be schooled for a long time. May the chickens finally come home to roost.

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