Fight, Fold, or Something In Between?

When one takes stock of everywhere meteorological havoc has been wrought, it might get one wondering about how widespread it actually is. It seems like every year we see, or experience for ourselves, destruction of infrastructure and livelihoods and homes that will take a long time to come back from, if recovery happens at all. And all of this in addition to the loss of life.

I wonder about the cumulative effects of such loss, about what’s more likely—that people rebuild and make another go of it, or walk away and find a friendlier climate. Or never truly recover from what they’ve just been through.

I don’t know what I’d do, how I’d feel. I can only imagine that it would be something of a comfort to know that federal and local assistance were available, and that unaffected family members close by or far away were standing at the ready to help.

People like to say that they’re resilient– the self talk might be helpful. But it’d be really hard to have to navigate this on your own.

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