“Don’t Try This At Home”

Ever notice how people who have dangerous jobs like to play up that danger in PSAs? It sometimes seems like a not-so-subtle form of bragging, like they enjoy letting people know how dangerous their work is as they prey on peoples’ fears, hyping worst case scenarios and feasting on peoples’ fixation on Doomsday.

That’s probably overstated, but the other day’s power company demonstration at the county fair gave me that feeling. The presenter obviously knew his stuff, but the content bordered on fear mongering and unnecessary drama, a presentation of a perfect storm of untenable situations. I laughed at one point, and not because I have a perverse sense of humor. It just struck me as being a bit over the top, sounding unnecessarily dire, like the old skit on Prairie Home Companion, the ad for Bebop Rebop Rhubarb Pie.

In the end, of course, it’s all good and helpful information that I hope never has to be retrieved and put into practice.

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