Predictable Reaction

It’s little wonder that people are trying to avoid being pressed into servitude in a war apparently many don’t want. Mr. Putin is too blind, in too deep, feeling too much pressure from his inner circle of old guard warmongers, to see the writing on the wall.

The people he views as materiel, as simply filling a need to plug holes in the line, are trying to tell him to fuck off.

It’s difficult to know if the pictures of lines of people trying to leave the country are indicative of widespread unrest and demonstrations, or just Western media doing its part in creating a counter-narrative.

What did Vlad expect, though? There is no basis for whatever rallying cry he could conjure up. This is his doing, his nightmare. He had no business thinking he could just march in and take territory from a sovereign country full of people who want to live their own lives apart from the control of an out-of-touch oligarch living in the past and trying to hold onto something that went away for a reason.

People just wanna be free. Or they at least resent being told how they are to live their lives. I hope they prevail in helping Vlad realize that. Though maybe it’s out of his hands now.

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