The rash of migrant transplants might raise peoples’ ire, and with good reason. But, as much as I disagree with their methods, I guess I understand why Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott have been doing what they’ve been doing. From a political standpoint, they might be making points with their coveted bases, looking like badasses on immigration, forcing the hand of sanctuary cities to live up to their aspirations, and maybe shining a light, in a perverse way, on immigration in general.

Still, it’s Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott we’re talking about here. Both are players, bona fide puppets, cut from cloth that was dragged through a patch of poison ivy and lined with burlap.

Just more antics, more over-the-top calculation intended to ruffle the feathers of so-called coastal elites, all the while reinforcing the notion that these two guys really are in a class by themselves. Black hatters, faux groundbreakers, not to be outdone or trusted, though perhaps pitied. Who are they working for?  

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