Boo Hoo

It’s quite the experience to walk into a vehicle dealership trying to get some straightforward information about trade-in value. I was in the neighborhood recently and decided to do just this, current used car values being what they are. I ended up taking a test drive in the pickup of my dreams, awaited word on a pay-off and trade-in value for the vehicle I’m currently driving, and predictably was presented with a monthly lease payment that was well beyond my willingness to make.

The sales rep, undeterred, spoke with his manager and came back from the Inner Sanctum with a Plan B: they would give me $2K more for my vehicle toward a floor model with fewer bells and whistles and a less desirable color. And they would make it sound like they were doing me a favor.

I knew going in that things would likely progress this way… the dealership speak, the convoluted explanation of how a lease works, the pressure, the persistent efforts to move inventory. I was kind of ready for it and ended up saying No to the final offer, which saddens me, because the truck was awesome, even if it wasn’t the color I wanted.

Probably for the best. I’ll just drive my Camry into the ground and end up getting little for it.

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