The Ongoing Cascade

Liz Cheney lost her bid to remain in the House, to a trump-backed candidate. It wasn’t unexpected, but it still feels like a harbinger. She’s really gonna go all-in on orange hair now.

On a somehow related note, I wonder how potent the trump loyalists really are. Could they really foment a rebellion leading to civil war? And why would they want to do that? Which America are they so worried about—the one who finally wakes up to embrace its potential, or the one mired in narrowmindedness and old thinking? I guess both?

We have other things to worry about, namely a climate that seems to be deteriorating fast. A drought that’s affecting ¾ of American farmers. I’m beginning to hate the sun. Day after day of threatening clouds but no rain. I know that in the summer things can get dry, but it’s difficult not to think climate change has something to do with this. And the media’s constant harping doesn’t help.  

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