Blinders and Ear Plugs. And Money.

So, what to make of Joe Manchin and his motivations? Is he pariah or pragmatist? Is he the only one who’s standing against spending money we don’t have, or is he just another politician in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry? I don’t know. I wish there was somebody who did know.

It’s a ridiculous position to be in—to see climate change taking its toll, gathering steam, and feeling like we won’t be doing anything about it, other than lamenting and watching it unfold. The futility is laying so heavy.

There are no heat waves anymore. Nothing aberrant and one-off and rare, events that simply happen every now and then. The new normal, the trend, is excessive everything. Higher temperatures, lower pressures, stronger winds, heavier rain or no rain at all. Water where it never used to be, or water levels alarmingly low and unlikely to be replenished. And now we get word that the warnings started fifty years ago.

We’ve done a shitty job of tilling and keeping.

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