He Chose Poorly?

Kevin McCarthy had his chance, apparently, but decided not to take it. Orange Hair is bummed about that—now.

There are Republicans on the Jan. 6 Committee, but not the ones McCarthy would have preferred. The ones he most likely wanted would have been there to bring “balance” to the proceedings, i.e. gum up the works, introduce procedural hurdles and other distractions; their own panel of witnesses adept at constipation who would have had the imagination and lack of scruples to refute everything the panel was throwing at them. It might have been more fair and balanced, but would those making the effort to tune in have been well served?

As it is, we’ve seen five sessions chock full of other Republicans offering up information that would seem to be damning and irrefutable, yet in the end may not amount to a hill of beans or lead anywhere.

I really hope I’m wrong about that.

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