Good Day, Sunshine

What really gets under my skin is the notion among 2nd Amendment devotees that a big reason we have mass shootings is because fewer of us are going to church. If only people would return to church, then things would be better. Which, I suppose, contains an element of truth, since following the Instruction Book would likely influence some in a positive way.

Just not because what we’d get at church is true or real. More magic balm. I guess that wouldn’t matter, as long as people have faith… Ah, faith.

How long, Lord? How long? Do things have to go totally to shit before you do anything? Does everything work out only if the whole world is driven to its knees and we simultaneously shout, “Come, Lord Jesus!”? ‘Cus that ain’t happening anytime soon.

Who am I talking to, anyway? Anyone?!

Could anything like the books of Scripture be written today? If our Savior has come, and he’s promised to come again, what is he waiting for? For things to get as bad as they can get, I guess. Maybe it’s the Lazarus story, on steroids, complete with Jesus staying two more days, somewhere, seemingly letting things fall apart.

Or maybe we’re just alone in the universe.

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