A Positive Force

Maybe someday we’ll be shocked and embarrassed by the things that got our attention and took up our time. The things that evoked passion and that we talked about breathlessly, but which turned out to be nothing more than distractions.

Questionable causes, unsubstantiated political opinions, video games, horsepower and torque, golf equipment, the best power tools and beer, action heroes, movie franchises, actors and athletes who undeservedly got put on pedestals. So much fluff and shallowness and envy. The list is probably way longer than we’d like to admit.

Things might be better if we all had a handle on how we should be spending our time on earth. As it is, we fritter it away in frivolous pursuits, in unwinnable arguments, and, perhaps worst of all, idleness. There’s a difference between idleness and stillness. Stillness is therapeutic, intentional, a recognition of the need to rest and observe and listen. Idleness can be laziness, or evidence of a lack of creativity and imagination, or perhaps a symptom of something amiss physically or psychologically.

I guess I’m wondering what could happen if we as citizens of earth could focus on a task and engage one another and work together. There are needs being ignored. Many are in pursuit of their own happiness, however fleeting that might be, and we never quite come to grips with fostering a sense of community, and using our unrivaled brains to solve shared problems and challenges. It’s fun to imagine being able to do that.

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