Lives of Consequence

Finally watched Hamilton last night. I would think it has to be the Everest of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s achievements, though he’s probably long moved on to some “next things.”

I have few words, though he found plenty of them, along with the music! And it all weaves quite a tale. Amazing performances, incredible and inspirational story, based on actual events. Another catalyst for my own life review, and as usual I am found wanting, on a couple levels.

First, in terms of Miranda’s giftedness and creative genius. Second, in terms of once again being reminded of the insignificance of my own contributions to the world, and just how historically consequential certain peoples’ lives have been in birthing this nation. How can something like this not give one pause to think about then and now?

The juxtaposition is jarring: genuinely passionate, flawed, and courageous people who poured their heart and soul and intellect and flesh and blood into bringing this nation into being, set beside the current clown car full of pretenders and coattail riders, people lacking real courage and substance and any appreciation for where we’ve been or how we got here.

People so cowardly and shallow that it boggles the mind and stirs up feelings of vehemence and disgust and a wishing for their immediate fade into the woodwork. Yes, Donald and Ronald and Marjorie and Lauren and Greg and Mitch and Josh and Madison and Stephen and… this means you.

Thanks, though, for reminding us of how far we can fall, how low we can go. And how close we’ve often come to ruin. Lives of consequence can head in different directions and reap different, more bitter fruit.

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