History As Teacher

Think what you will about Rachel Maddow. As mentioned in previous posts, I prefer to trust her take on most things of a political nature. I trust her intelligence and intuition, her research, her ability to peel back the layers and keep us grounded in reality.

With help from author Timothy Snyder, along with her own understandings and insights, she laid things on the table in last night’s show, trying to awaken anyone who will listen to the fact that the dark underbelly of human nature is being exposed right here in America. What was going on in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia is happening here at home. Not as far along yet, but heading in that direction. The ground is growing increasingly fertile.

Our version of a Big Lie is alive and well. People creating a bogus issue from whole cloth, or taking something insignificant, blowing it way out of proportion, and harping on it until people start believing that it’s something serious. And real. A lie so huge that believers believe it because they can’t believe their elected representatives would go to such lengths to create it!

Our Big Lie involves an erosion of trust in election integrity and the rule of law, among other things, along with the ugliness of mistrusting certain groups of people, ie pretty much everybody who’s not of Anglo-Saxon or northern European descent. Everyone who’s not white and Christian. The same tired shit.

We just cannot get out of our own way. The prospect of having power makes us weak-kneed, near-sighted, and ruthless.

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