What Goes Around…

The parallels between the Spiro Agnew fiasco and Donald Trump are becoming clearer as I read more of Bag Man, by Rachel Maddow. Echoes of attitudes of impunity, doubling down, attacking institutions, using his elected office to enrich himself, appealing to The Base, convenient and debatable interpretations of the Constitution… Holy cow. I imagine this was some of Maddow’s intent in writing about this chapter in our checkered national history. The dynamics are strikingly similar.

In addition to all this, there is the question of no one being above the law—not even the President or V.P. Makes sense to me. They’re not pure, unblemished lambs, they are not imbued with special traits that render them impervious to the frailties of us mere mortals. They’re as human as the rest of us. It seems a dangerous precedent to say “hands off” because of the office they hold. They were not divinely appointed. Agnew and Nixon—and Trump—are recent proof of this!

There should be no cloak that renders their indiscretions invisible, or immune to prosecution. They abused their power, they abused our trust, they have all lacked honor and a conscience in the effort to cover their tracks and their asses. Why are they any different—or better—than the criminals further down the food chain who end up doing time?

You pay for a “good” enough lawyer, or just one with a creative streak, and I guess your desired outcome is possible.  

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