Mixed Reviews

I’ve never been an ambitious person. Maybe for short stretches, but never sustained. It’s always been a tough sell, for some reason. I could blame it on my upbringing, but I’m not looking for excuses.

Ambition gets its fair share of bad press, because it consumes as much as it inspires. One can associate it with people like Edison and Einstein and MLK, or Hitler and Trump and Genghis Khan. It can be blind or focused. Whatever it is, I have not been blessed with it. I’ve often seen it as evidence of a certain selfishness, i.e. one’s pursuits in life are the only things that matter, to the exclusion of everything and everyone else.

Yet, ambitious people achieve things—and sometimes for the benefit of others, not merely for themselves and their own enrichment and glory. I’d like to know what it’s like to be ambitious, to be motivated, to have a goal and achieve it. Maybe that’s happened for me but I’ve never thought of it in such terms.

Anyway, I think I’ve largely missed that boat. And I believe this has been a giant disappointment for the one person I’ve always wanted to please.

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