Sometimes I think the worst possible descriptor of a person is that they are incompetent. Things grow more pathetic when this person brags about being not only competent, but a genius.  

The January 6th Committee may be unearthing all kinds of dirt on Trump and his cronies, but what are the chances that they’ll be able to hang anything on him? It’s gonna end up as just another in a continuing series of perceived witch hunts, all that effort wasted, because Mitch McConnell and Co. will yet again find ways to delay and discount and render irrelevant and inconsequential the entire body of evidence– the usual and handy “much ado about nothing.” Facts that will be shocking and damning, but will only mean something to those of a particular political stripe, and which are otherwise painted as harmless and a chasing after wind.

It matters little what the majority of Americans feel and think and know. Floor votes and filibusters are all that matter, along with a steady stream of media disinformation that keeps a vocal minority foaming at the mouth.

One might hope that all this will be part of the public record, at least. Available to anyone who wants to read up on this ignominious chapter.

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