Dear Vlad

What do you have against the U.S.? Is it our system of governance, or our seeming hubris? Do you hate us because we claim an affinity for democratic ideals, or because we come across as braggards and show-offs and we have our fingers in too many pies? Would it matter to you that, if you were to ask the average American on the street, many would say that they have nothing against Russia and Russians and they just want to get along, or be left alone so they can navigate their lives, which are challenging enough without having to worry about World War III?

Your foray into Ukraine is revealing your cold-heartedness, your disregard for human life. The world isn’t seeing much else. We’re not seeing nor are impressed by your willingness to undertake such a war effort. All most of us see is your lack of humanity. We see a grossly selfish, easily bruised man living in the past trying to save face, trying to stay in power, trying to hold onto his opulent and ostentatious lifestyle while the people he ”leads” are becoming increasingly isolated and struggling in the dark to get by.

One thing to keep in mind, Vlad: if you are trying to take advantage of our “softness” and unwillingness to respond to your aggression, you must also understand that ultimately our response will lead to destruction on a scale that leaves no one unscathed. If you survive such a cataclysm, you will have accomplished your objective of bringing America to its knees, but at the cost of bringing the rest of the world along with us.

You aren’t a genius, as your stooge Donald recently gushed. You’re not smart in a helpful way. You’re just diabolical. You are applying yourself in the wrong direction. You put a lot of effort into anticipating any and all eventualities like sanctions and even the groundswell of anti-war sentiment. You’re a master of misdirection, of twisting words and spreading disinformation. Your bread and butter is being ruthless, acting apart from a conscience. So, congrats on all that, you empty-souled, beady-eyed little man.

We should be beyond tired of suffering the consequences of a microscopic minority’s delusions and twisted aspirations. You want to go to war, Vlad? Suit up and go fight it yourself.

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