Awaiting Results

The possible summit between Biden and Putin doesn’t give me much hope. I have little faith in anyone out-maneuvering Putin or managing to hold his ground against the little big man.

There will likely be no walking away from such a meeting with any sense of accomplishment. It’s all for show, maybe a hedge against stock markets plummeting any further. One last Hail Mary before the shtf.

I get the impression that there is no talking to Putin. He’ll always be two steps ahead and not giving up much in the end. Besides, Biden to me has always been more bluster than substance. No match for the Kremlin guy. Still, I hold out hope that Putin can temper his own impulses enough to keep from plunging the region into chaos and bloodshed and grotesquely needless suffering.

Call off the troops, Vlad. Give peace a chance.

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