Grab Your Popcorn

What’s up with the President’s provocative statements about Putin being ready to start the attack? Is this some sort of strategy? It seems to be running counter to the attitudes of the Ukrainian people themselves, though I guess they’re starting to take it seriously.

It seems between Biden and the media, the two of them want things to deteriorate. And of course it would give Richard Engel and others yet another opportunity to shine, turn it into a macabre spectator sport. Diplomatic efforts are under way, but the subtext is that they will ultimately be futile.

This is mad, and maddening. The lack of concern over the human cost is sickening, and unforgiveable. Yet again we spiral downward into this ugliness, this bitter pill that we obviously have not evolved beyond needing to swallow. Little learned from the past, except to never trust anyone and spend shameful amounts of money arming oneself to the teeth just in case there’s a next time.

It’s the seeming inevitability of it, the almost sadistic desire willing it to fruition, diplomacy and cooler heads just manifestations of wishful thinking, hapless poster children.

I guess all that’s left is to drum up the cheap, synthesized, simplistic, melodramatic theme music. Yes, and we must call it something, give it a title. So people can tune in and watch the insanity in real time, assuming our lights are still on.

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