The Other F-Word

I can’t find the article or remember the exact context, but the numbers are indicative of current conditions: U.S Covid deaths per day: two thousand something; current China Covid deaths per day: three, if one can believe the info coming out of a state-controlled media. But it’s all about freedom. Freedom gets you the second highest death toll of all the countries on earth, behind only Brazil. And let’s add a lackluster overall response since the very beginning.

Freedom, though.

At least we’ve preserved our freedom. Hardly a thought for anything or anyone else. It’s always just been about “me.” Forget about the immuno-compromised or the health care workers running on fumes and contemplating a change of vocation, or the backlog of other procedures foregone because hospitals can handle little else beyond the steady stream of Covid patients. Let’s forget about reason and logic and science, while we’re at it.

Zero tolerance isn’t remotely possible in the land of the supposedly free and the home of the… brave? Nah.

The death toll hovers around 900,000. We should be bursting with pride over such a large number. A beautiful, large number. Nearly the largest of numbers. So beautiful.

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