Jumping Ahead

Is the problem with Democrats that they’ve spent too much time waiting for the Republicans to play fair? Are they just idealists beholden to process who haven’t learned that the world doesn’t necessarily work that way? Their good intentions are being left to rot in the morass of stonewalling and filibustering and gerrymandering and a Republican minority’s desire to hold onto power any possible way they can.

The Democrats truly seem weak and impotent. They represent 40 million more people, I guess, but have no power to address their needs. I don’t know if 40 million is an accurate number, but one has to believe that there are many more people who align with the platform of the Democratic party than with the tired Republican talking points of convenient Christianity and tax breaks for people who don’t need them and government downsizing and abolishment of Roe v Wade. Oh, and lily whiteness.

The next presidential election cycle, if it involves T****, is not going to go well. By then we may indeed be waist-deep in civil war. It’s not a sign of health when a minority keeps finding ways to stymie legislation intended to relieve suffering, level the playing field, and create opportunity. Anger is going to spill over. Everywhere.

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