Whine Fest

So the latest “outrage” is over why the response to those stranded on I-95 a few days ago was not more robust…

Your outrage threshold is way too low. Sometimes you’re on your own, at the mercy of the elements and your own poor planning. You could have rolled with the punches and asked for help from the stranded motorists around you. You had a built-in community of people all in the same boat. Don’t resort to the blame game.

I’m sure local emergency response efforts ramped up as the situation became apparent, but it must have been a logistical nightmare, between staffing shortages and an event crews probably don’t spend a lot of time planning for.

And did you really need to be out and about in the middle of a snowstorm?

There’s a place for personal responsibility and preparation for exactly such an eventuality. Reel in your sense of “outrage.” The world doesn’t revolve around you, whoever you are.

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