A Familiar Ring

January 1, 2022- wow. Just another day, though.

Really. It’s just the next day in a series of days that should find us contemplating our chances for continued viability. Gun violence everywhere, hardly a winter (so far) in places where winter traditionally is expected. A country full of stubborn “freedom fighters” who find vaccines a bridge too far.

As tragic as the Boulder area fire is, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. As freakish as it may have been, wild fires are indiscriminate destroyers of whatever is in their paths—whether pine forests or houses built in places where houses probably shouldn’t be built.

Of course, non-hurricane winds over 100 miles per hour should have us questioning how and why such speeds were attained. It seems our long-entrenched habits and wildly unrealistic, self-absorbed expectations are no match for the forces being unleashed around us. In fact, our habits and expectations and indifference have in no small part brought all this on.

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