Rampant Avarice

Money is often lumped in with religion and politics as items we don’t like talking about. So let’s include it in a larger discussion of possessions and recognizing the source of our blessings, along with an understanding that stewardship is and always has been bigger than the money we give to a church.

Being good stewards is being mindful of the needs of others. It means opening our ears to the discussion surrounding fair and equitable wages- and not necessarily the $15/hr-plus that has materialized since Covid-19 landed. I’m talking about the laborer in Ecuador or Guatemala working for peanuts and as a result making it possible for us to buy bananas for a palatable 49 cents a pound, on special.  

Being a good steward means, at a more personal and challenging level, shifting our understanding of terms like “scarcity” and “abundance” and “sufficiency.” It means moving the line when it comes to what we understand to be “enough.”

We will get zero help from the army of marketers who do their demographic studies and view us primarily as consumers. With enviable though misplaced zeal, they will do their best to convince us that there is no such thing as “enough.”

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