Kudos to the European Space Agency and their ten-year effort at catching up with a heavenly body hurtling through space at around forty thousand mph, landing a washing machine-sized laboratory on it, and beaming back high resolution pictures so all of us can at some level share the experience.

            This happened 7 years ago, and other countries and agencies have accomplished similar things since. Still, this whole enterprise is mind-boggling. It is what scientists do, though- they accept monumental challenges, take what looks like a pipe dream and an impossibility and turn it into reality. They figure things out– often enough by trial and error– and learn from their mistakes. They utilize formulas and equations and measurements. They do the math, finding confirmation that they can trust these things.

I think this is what makes the response to all things Covid so disheartening and just plain frustrating. People with no clue are deciding the CDC folks and public health officials are off their rocker, that they’re feeding the country a crock. They instead believe others who claim that rights have been violated. That this whole assault on our “normal” lives is the fast track to a “nanny state,” a freedom issue, rather than a time to trust the people whose life’s work is solving problems, taming seemingly insurmountable challenges, and learning things that improve and save lives.

This will be among the things that, if and when we have the chance to look back at what worked and what didn’t, heads will shake at the thought of how and why people could be so self-absorbed, and so ignorant. Mind-boggling for a different reason.

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