Sounds Like…

In one of the newsfeeds I subscribe to, there was an article written by someone who was dissatisfied with his recent IPhone purchase. In fact, he used the word “hate.”

          Apparently, he couldn’t navigate the screen with one hand.

          For folks who depend on their technology to get them through the day and handle the tasks on their plates, this inconvenience may loom a lot larger than for the rest of us who might be ready to break out our air violins or offer a derisive, “Are you serious?”

          This critic returned to another current IPhone model for his smartphone needs, so hopefully he found happiness there. His parting shot for the folks at Apple included surprise and disappointment that the designers hadn’t anticipated this hiccup in form and function.

Turns out they apparently hadn’t thought of everything.

For some of us who will never invent anything or risk even the most modest of failures, critique of advanced pieces of technology like smartphones or a host of other items we’d like for Christmas might seem misplaced and somehow uncalled for. For some of us who just consume and use without any thought for how these wondrous things were developed or actually work, such critique may sound a lot like whining.

Maybe the folks at Apple- or any other company- feel the same way, but they say they appreciate the feedback and tweek their products, trying to keep the customer satisfied.

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