Avoidable Pain

Eight hundred thousand and counting.

Health care systems and workers who keep having to tell the public that they can’t do what they do much longer. Attrition, exhaustion, retirement, anger, frustration, running on empty, a dissipation of empathy. When this scourge finally subsides, our doctors and nurses and EMTs and vaccine researchers should be up for a Congressional medal of some sort. And the Fox News crowd have to stop being mad at Fauci and Osterholm and the CDC and anyone else who’s trying to tell it like it is with regard to the pandemic.

I can’t imagine there are many of us on either side of the issues who want this thing to linger. But it is what it is. Covid-19 is doing what viruses do when there’s a robust supply of defenseless targets. It evolves, to the point of finding ways to go after the ones who think they’re protected! Between vaccine skepticism and misinformation and inequitable distribution of the vaccines worldwide, none of what’s happened and is happening should be remotely surprising. Disheartening and disappointing for sure, but not surprising.

We all know how to wear a mask and keep our distance and wash our hands. If more of us had actually done these things early on, we wouldn’t still be talking about this right now. And let’s not forget the three vaccines at our disposal.

Three of them. Readily available here in America.

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