Bring On That Silver Lining

Sometimes it seems wrong that our attention as a nation isn’t riveted on certain events and situations unfolding around and among us. Like yesterday… the NFL Sunday games unfolded on schedule, millions tuned in, and all the while this massive tragedy was playing out in MO and KY and AR and elsewhere, as thousands of people walked around in a daze because their houses and towns and cities have been reduced to piles of rubble and so many have died, all as Christmas and winter approach and a god-forsaken pandemic continues. If the DJIA rises today, well, I don’t know what that means, other than being indicative of some giant disconnect.

Anyway, a supercell storm and one tornado that stayed on the ground for over 200 miles? At night? In December? Sounds like a slice of devilish hell to me. In one sense, it’s a grievously painful reminder that we are always living alongside and at the mercy of forces that are way beyond our capacity to control (unless this was exacerbated by climate change), but also it’s one more gigantic thing along with the fifty other gigantic things that people are dealing with right now. What are we all supposed to be learning from this? You’d think that many will not come back from it—emotionally, financially, and all other ways.

Note to insurance companies—have the chickens come home to roost yet? Pretty nice gig you have there, until the “acts of God” start piling up and you have to shell out all that premium money.

These are hard times. And fuck you, Vladimir P. Nothing like a war to inflate your diminutive stature, grease the wheels of commerce, and add to the darkness.

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