Cracks and Fissures

The latest school shooting, in Michigan—the 28th of the year—really pissed me off, for some reason. I guess no more or less than any of the other TWENTY-SEVEN, but can’t enough be enough? Can’t this one serve as a catalyst of some sort, the precipitating event that gets the right peoples’ attention?

He used a gun his father had bought 3 days earlier. He is 15 years old. He walked into a school and killed 4 unsuspecting human beings with intent to kill more. There’s something ghastly and infuriating about that. Something that apparently we are too numb to react to anymore. Or maybe we’ve just stopped caring. There’s Christmas shopping to do, after all. And with the supply chain issues, well, it’s a zoo out there.

This is the America folks are OK with?

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