You Could Knock Me Over with a Feather!

News flash: the pandemic is still with us.

We’re getting word that cases are … ticking up once again, in half the country. Europe, the canary in the coal mine for us, is getting hot again. Germany is in the midst of a surge, Austria is mandating a quarantine of its unvaccinated population. And once again medical staffs around this country are being stretched to the breaking point, called upon to deal with the sickness and death.

Of course, at some point, probably today, we’ll hear how there’s little need for concern among the vaccinated population, though breakthrough cases are on the rise and these people are ending up in the hospital now, and some are dying.

So make your holiday plans, book your flights. Life must go on, right? Wear a mask and wash your hands, but only if you want to. You don’t have to. Just a suggestion. Far be it for anyone with knowledge on the subject to dare suggest continued precautions. Not here in the land of the free and the home of shit for brains.

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