Sensational, For Various Reasons

Commendable performance by the defendant in the Kenosha, WI shootings. He worked up tears worthy of Ralphie Parker, blubbering like an idiot. Hoping to change “hearts and minds,” play the sympathy card?

What bothers me about this whole story is that he went to Kenosha as a 17-year old vigilante brandishing an AR-15, a wet-behind-the-ears teenager nonetheless prepared (hoping?) to shoot protesters. Impressionable, immature, maybe brainwashed, having swallowed the swill about the inferiority of people of color, convinced of the righteousness of his “cause.” The details of those moments in that day are probably not even retrievable for Mr. Rittenhouse, because he was there to mete out “justice” with a high-powered weapon. He can claim “the fog of war.” He was feeling like a big man.

How could he possibly be the one feeling threatened? It might make one wonder if he ever had a moment when he was asking himself, “What the hell am I doing here?”

He probably has nothing to worry about. It seems he even has the presiding judge in his corner.

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