No Outlet

America has always been a fragile thing.

As much as it likes to brag about its military strength or manufacturing capabilities (?), or whatever else people get all puffed up about—its inherent “greatness”—America has always been beholden to intangibles, mainly that people play by a basic set of rules, honor certain institutions, and checks and balances.

We seem to be careening toward a situation where laws are just pesky roadblocks, nothing more than minor inconveniences ripe for brazen circumvention or simply ignoring. There is no such thing as common good. There is a fatal emphasis placed on economic “solutions” that don’t “float all boats.” It really is about paying lip service to solutions while the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class disappears.

Politicians make promises because they know their constituents are waiting for hope-filled sound bytes. But all they’re doing is trying to hold off the wolves at the door. They know that our ills run deep, and that there is no appetite for cooperation, no collective will to work together, no unified vision.

The deep divide we currently see is not going to heal itself, yet we seem to be willingly moving further apart and building soundproof walls. And making peace with the futility.

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