Please Retire

Dear Mitch,

You out-of-touch fossil. I know you think that what you’re doing is “strategy,” the game you so enjoy playing, designed to make Democrats sweat, hoping to make them look like the fall guys as the debt ceiling deadline looms. What’s so infuriating is that, in your cold-hearted deadpan logic, you’re setting the whole country on a collision course– in the midst of a lingering pandemic, with whole segments of the population still reeling from wildfires and flooding and hurricane damage and insanely high drug prices and health insurance premiums, and a general hopelessness. More (avoidable) pain and suffering. Much more, by the sound of it.

You’re willing to go the brinkmanship route just so you can win something. You’re willing to take us all down with you, although you must feel like you could emerge from all this smelling like a rose. Hands clean and washed of everything as the shit hits the fan. Like you could just step back and say, “don’t look at me- I had nothing to do with this.” After all, you’re safe, you have money in the bank.

Nice try, asshole.

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