A Pandemic of Distrust

The Delta variant may give way to something more vile and transmissible and practically impossible to defend against, which may sound alarmist but shouldn’t come as a surprise. The anti-vaxxers will inevitably jump on this and somehow interpret it to mean that the vaccines have been useless all along. Just as they thought!

See, this is when the mind-numbness hits another gear. All along the way, we have arrived at crossroads, and enough people have blown right through them without giving a thought to the significance of the moment.

Early on, we were told by people who actually know something about virus behavior that if we masked up and kept our distance for a while, the virus would peter out because it had less of a chance to infect somebody. Through a mix of necessity and stubbornness, enough people ignored that and the pandemic worsened.

Certain high-ranking government officials and network talking heads claimed our rights were being violated and freedoms threatened by being forced to wear a fucking mask and keep our distance. Many jumped on that bandwagon, and the pandemic worsened.

Vaccines were introduced for the purpose of inoculating as many people as possible and reducing the number of targets the virus could set its sights on, but enough people keep saying “no” and the pandemic that was in retreat is now resurging and likely to mutate into a form that current vaccines can’t defend against.

The unvaccinated will continue to place the blame on Dr. Fauci or the Communist pinko liberal Democrats or the boogeyman lurking under their beds.

I don’t know where the virus originated. We may never know this. What I do know is that millions of people have been steered down the wrong road by people they, for whatever reason, trust. And as they continue to listen to and believe Donald Trump and Rand Paul and Ron DeSantis and Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity and the rest, they will watch this nation they say they love—and the rest of the world- descend into chaos.

I’m beginning to think that the bunker builders and survivalists are on to something.  

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