I seem unable to write without a tinge of cynicism and skepticism. I’m just another uncreative critic who can’t find happiness. A glass-half-empty guy who looks for something to gripe about. Geez.

Confusion on the mask issue? Not really a surprise. People don’t know if they can trust each other? Again, not really a surprise. It’s like there can be no baseline of knowledge upon which we all agree, especially as this applies to respecting the virus and its knack for showing up when we for some unknown reason think it shouldn’t be around. Enough of us have never really respected the virus. There’s respect for the doomsayers and crackpot theorists, but not for the doctors and researchers and scientists who actually know something useful.

Is Louis DeJoy for real? Is he still doing Trump’s dirty work, right under our noses? Is there a method to his madness, a wisdom that we’re just not seeing? From all appearances, it seems this is not the case.

Why does Marjorie Taylor Greene warrant a platform? Comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust? Sure, she’s a “newsmaker” of sorts. But should she even be worthy of coverage? Why waste the time and energy following her around? Her demeanor shouts ugliness. She’s angry and ignorant, maybe vindictive. A real irritant, a true right-wing nut job. Determined to make noise despite, or because of, being relieved of certain duties. So of course, she’ll get coverage one way or another. We have to put up with a lot because of free speech. I’m not sure this is the brand of free speech all our soldiers have died to protect. Or maybe it is. Free is free, I guess. Which is OK, as long as we have the option of disagreeing with it and either tuning it out or making it stop.

The more I watch my networks of choice, the more I realize that the 24-hour news cycle is somehow unsustainable and even unnecessary. There’s a need to fill airtime and say something, anything, often over and over again, until a topic is treated in depth by multiple pundits and experts and finally beaten to death. What strikes me the past couple of days is how my anchors and hosts of choice are really running with the developments in the Trump civil and criminal cases. Coverage from every angle, seemingly willing the outcomes into existence, hoping against hope that this time Trump gets what’s coming to him. And the whole time, over on the fox, a totally different message is being distributed, with just as much passion and conviction and loudness.

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